British summer is fast approaching! Everything about this particular season makes us swoon - from simple backyard BBQ get together to planning great beach excursions and attending music festivals, it's definitely one of our favourite seasons of the year! There is so much to love about summer: the smell of flowers and a freshly mowed lawn, sunny days, school vacation, and the endless fun.

I was very pleased that I gave birth in summer (last year) which in my opinion is the best season to welcome a newborn baby. We threw a small "BBQ and afternoon tea" gathering for our little princess following her birth. Of course with the help of the Mardons family and friends - it was a rad success! We couldn't thank them enough for showing their unconditional love and support to our teeny-weeny family.
Yuna's mini do was held at Daddy J's parents' backyard garden and the weather stayed fair for an excellent BBQ! We were very glad to see old and new faces. We had a great catch up with friends and everyone was delighted to see Yuna. Prior to that, we paid visit to her great Grandma whom she met for the first time. Our short vacation was undoubtedly well spent.
Also, as a new mum, I couldn't contain my excitement planning and organising my baby girl's first party experience. I pretty much enjoyed making party decor DIYs. I will be posting some of my DIY projects soon! We really need a good amount of time to be able to post blogs more frequently. We will be sharing all things we love and passionate about! Hope you'll stick around. :)