So, we finally decided it was time to get ourselves a new desk setup to free up our lovely Ikea dining table and use it for what it was meant! We also wanted to make more space for our little one to play and make the room look more spacious, tidy and practical.

We use a couple of iMac computers, one is a 27” beast and the other our older 24” Mac, which is still going strong after dying and then being brought back to life again by baking the graphics card… Mad I know, but it survived and is once more working like a charm!

Kendz and I both decided we wanted to run with the white and silver theme we have going throughout our open plan living room/dining kitchen area. The white and bright theme with a hint of colour for me looks so clean and pleasing on the eyes. Accompanying this with a minimalist approach, this was the look we were aiming for. We agreed on white, black and silver being our main theme colours with a slight bit of colour such as a bright plant pot to add some colour variation to the set up.

I set about researching online and ended up watching numerous desk builds people had uploaded on YouTube. After an hour or so surfing the Ikea website, I had the vision and ideas of how our setup was going to look.

The following day we ventured over to Ikea to pick up the Ikea furniture I had already pre chosen from the website and grabbed a few extra bits while we were there to add to the build. Because we wanted a double desk setup, we opted for a rather long desk (2 metres) to accommodate both iMac stations. All was done on a budget and the build really didn’t break the bank either.

Read how you can create a similar look for your desk setup or visit the LikeMardons Youtube Channel to watch the full desk build…

Ikea products used:
DeskLegs – Adils (White) x 5
MonitorShelf – Ekby Jarpen (White) x 1
MonitorShelf Legs – Capita (Stainless Steel) x 5
Lighting- LEDBerg (Bright White) x 1
CableTidy – Signum (Silver) x 1
Storage– Kuggis (White) x 2
Power– Koppla (White) x 1

Desk Build Total Price - £92.00

Tools Needed:
Phillips Screwdriver (Use a screw gun if you have one)
Tape measure

The Build:
This is a very easy and simple process. First of all, I laid out all of the furniture and accessories I would need for the build and allowed myself plenty of room to work around. I then proceeded to attach the Adils legs to the Linnmon table top which was a simple process of screwing them in! Easy peasy! At the base of the legs you also have height adjusters to create a level table surface if your area has an uneven floor. I must add that the table would not be suitable for somewhere with a really soft carpet as you will experience a lot of rocking back and forth with the table. It’s best suited to hard carpet, laminate and stone flooring.
Following building the table, I measured up and centralised the position where the Signum cable tidy would sit, at the underside at the back of the desk. This again was an easy process of screwing in the screws to secure the tidy to the underside. The Ikea wood seems to be pretty soft so I found it no trouble to just screw in the small screws without the need to create any holes to start them off.

Once the tidy was fixated, I set out building the monitor shelf/stand. Again, I picked up the tape measure and marked of six places where I would attach the Capita legs to the Ekby Jarpen Shelf, one on each corner of the shelf and two in the centre. I decided to go with six legs as we would be placing two monitors on the stand. This provided the shelf with extra central support which really made it sturdy and added to the overall look with a stainless steel finish, very similar to the iMac stands. The Capita legs come in packs of four so I had to purchase two packs with two legs left over. The legs also have height adjusters which give you the option to raise the stand to bring the monitors to your desired eye level.
The last bit of DIY needed was to fix the LEDBerg light strip to the underside of the monitor shelf. I centralised, brought the strip slightly to the front of the shelf (to provide more light effect) and marked off where it was to be screwed. Once it was all screwed in, it was time to centre the shelf on the desk and put the desk in position with our iMac’s sitting proudly on top of our new setup. I plugged in the cables and tidied the desk, and a few little touches were added with the Kuggis trays put under the monitor shelf also. We used our Ikea Vilmar kitchen chairs to complete the look for the meantime (until we get our proper office style chairs) and we were good to go!

If you like the spacious desk setup I highly recommend doing something similar. It was super easy to complete, DIY friendly and in my opinion, looks great! I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to start your build!

Do you love building things from scratch? 

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