We absolutely love visiting Brighton! If we could afford it, we’d actually consider living there! It’s such a quirky town with plenty to do and see, as well as having a great array of restaurants, bars and indie shops, which you rarely see nowadays!

A few weeks ago, one of my best mates and his lovely girlfriend Taylor paid us a visit and stayed at our place for a few day as they were on holiday from Australia for a month. They were both looking forward to seeing Yuna for the first time though James saw Mommy Kendz’s baby bump during his previous visit last year.
The weather forecast for the day was dry but cloudy, it was all a bit of a last minute decision really as we made our minds up just before bedtime the following evening. We set off fairly late at around 11am and the car journey would last us around an hour and twenty minutes. We pulled into one of the underground car parks in Regency Square and immediately noticed a new addition to Brighton. It was the very tall viewing tower of the British Airways i360. I thought it looked pretty cool sat there on the seafront and can imagine the views would be amazing from the top. I can see however, that it could become a bit of an eyesore, especially for those living near it and partially blocking their view of the seafront.
We walked towards the old bandstand situated at the seafront and stopped to take some pictures. The wind coming off the sea was terribly strong hence our hair looking a mess! After the little shoot we decided to head towards Brighton Pier so we could all play on the 2p machines. Who doesn’t like to play on the old 2p machines, such a great fun! (and addictive)
As we strolled along the seafront, we noticed that they were upgrading a lot of the frontage to keep up with the huge amount of tourists who flock to the area. There are a nice array of little cafes, bar/restaurants and the usual tourist type shops selling tourist tat. It’s nice to see they provide some sports facilities also like basketball courts and table tennis tables which will be busy under the summer sun! (if we get any)

We passed the old burnt out pier, which is now an iconic landmark in the Brighton sea and soon after arrived at the standing Brighton Pier. Every time we visit here, it always seems to be mobbed by loads of French students on School trips. I guess Brighton must be one of their top destinations to visit.
We couldn’t wait to get into the arcades and throw away our 2p coins in the machines. It was pretty busy inside the arcades, but that explains as it was school holiday time. Kendz had a blast on one of the racing machines but didn’t last too long. I was getting pretty peckish by that time so I grabbed a plate of chips for everyone to have a nibble on before we head into town to find somewhere to have a very late lunch/dinner.
On our way to the more central restaurants, we showed James and Taylor Brighton palace from the outside, which looks very similar to that of the Taj Mahal. We have never actually been inside but planning to do so maybe sometime soon. As we moved on past and into the restaurant areas we past a load of trampy wino’s which Brighton seems to be popular with. No idea why...kept us amused anyhow.

We decided to eat at Las Iguanas, a chain restaurant serving mainly Brazilian & Mexican style food. The food was really tasty, I went for the shredded beef burrito and Kendz went for Bahian coconut chicken and we shared a chocolate fudge cake for desert. The ambiance in the place was really cool and chilled with Latin music being played. The staff were very friendly and the service great too. We will definitely visit again.

Once we were all stuffed, we rolled off of our seats and tried to walk off some calories looking around some of the quirky and unique shops in the North Laine area. It’s really refreshing to see those independent shops rather than your big superstore type places selling the same goods.

Having visited Brighton three times now, here are our top 5 things to do in Brighton:

1. Take a long walk along the beautiful Brighton Seafront and suck up the lovely fresh sea air.
2. Visit the North Laine area of Brighton and take time to look around the indie shops and stop for a lovely cup of coffee at one of the café’s.
3. Eat out at one the many fine seafood restaurants Brighton has to offer.
4. Be sure to visit the pier and stroll along to the end through the arcades, it’s got to be done!
5. On a rainy day visit the Sealife Centre and stare at all the amazingly colourful fish.

Happy strolling!!

W A T C H    O U R    V I D E O