I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since that precious, tiny little creature of ours made her grand entrance into our lives. How time flies. Moments with her become memories in the blink of an eye! I don’t know, but there’s something about turning one that really fortifies the feeling of a big change from babyhood to toddlerhood. And as a first-time mother, it's a milestone worth celebrating! I couldn’t think of any other way to honour my child’s first year other than throwing a birthday party. We could have skipped the ‘party’ bit to avoid the worries and stress of planning and organising, but I was more anxious about letting it go...just like that. It is a privilege to be able to plan and organise our child’s first birthday – so we did!

I have never been to Coachella Music Festival myself but I am a self-confessed Coachella fanatic. Believe it or not, as soon as I learned we were having a baby girl I was already visualising a boho-chic themed first birthday party for her!

Find out how we brought the whole Coachella Valley vibes to the countryside. I have linked all the shops and suppliers of each item.

Invitation Card
I designed Yuna's birthday card invitation by utilising PicMonkey's free graphic tools. Then I went to VistaPrint site to get it printed in vertical flat size 117mm x 182 mm (back to back).
Front Side
*Dreamcatcher artwork credit to the owner*
Back side
**Dreamcatchers artwork credit to the owner*

Birthday Outfit 1

It was my second attempt to find a birthday party outfit for Yuna and I must have browsed through five different children's clothing lines in BlueWater Shopping Centre before I spotted this dazzlingly-beautiful-girly party dress with floral lace detailing which I fell in love with instantly. She looked like an angel! 

Flower Headband from CLAIRE'S

Rose Metallic Leather Sandals from NEXT

Birthday Outfit 2
Full and Fluffy Blush Pink Pettiskirt Tutu from Etsy Shop pure&innocenttutus

Cake Smash Photography is well-known among parents rejoicing their babies' first birthdays thus, it became a massive hit with youngsters in recent days. This cake smashing craze sprung in the US and is now being welcomed by parents in the UK. I think it's one of the best ideas if you're considering a fun and unforgettable way to mark your child's first birthday. Never mind the mess because you will surely have a good laugh and you can capture the moments. Yuna had a fantastic time destroying and devouring the cake. Though cleaning her up afterward proved a bit of a nightmare. 

White Leather Sandals from NEXT

Venue Setup
I maintain that confirming the date, time and location (venue) must be finalised first before ticking off the rest of to-do list as choosing a suitable venue can take time. We opted for an outdoor party to totally capture the ambiance of the theme. One of Jay's colleagues at work suggested that her garden would be an ideal place for the gathering. It was perfect - the small grove of trees welcoming you with open arms, the fresh green scent of a newly-mowed lawn inviting you to chill, the flowers swaying graciously and the little fountain peacefully greeting you with a coy smile. I can imagine how much effort she puts into keeping this lovely garden clean and green all year round. We couldn't thank her enough for her kindness and thoughtfulness. 
Immediately after studying the yard,  I started sketching out the party layout whilst getting the thrill of my imagination creating things with my hands. Yes, you can blame my DIY madness! Somehow, I have managed to put a mix of little hippie, Indian and Bohemian feel together. How will you do this? Try to replicate the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and think about teepees, dream catchers, soft coloured buntings and tassels, rusty floral arrangements, feathers, arrows and colourful balloons. It's all about the art. Just explore and discover your creativity because you never might surprise yourself. And if you're in doubt, all you need to do is visit the world's catalogue of idea - Pinterest! *Wink*

I was stoked to see all these elements nabbing the spotlight. Sure, this theme can be very weighty so you have to compose yourself for a serious dose of action. But then the key to a successful event is to plan and organise things well in advance. 
DIY Happy Birthday Bunting 

I've used mostly soft pastel paper cards to produce these fun and quirky statement pieces from the festival goers’ trademark Boho chic style to a whole lot of gaudiness!
Here's the list of our DIY party essentials:
 Small teepee craft      
 Party favours 
 Chevron Teepee (built by Jay)
 Table place cards
 Pastel backdrop (Yunatifa Turns 1)
 Birthday cakes and cake pops
 Birthday cake bunting (ONE)
 Picture framed graphic design (Dare to Dream)
 Letter 'Y' flower arrangement
 Dreamcatchers with coloured tassels tied
 Small jars wrapped in vintage style dusky pink lace and brown string
 Painted glass jars in pink and mint green colours with dyed feathers attached 
 Painted wine bottles in gold (Jay helped me paint and design the bottles and jars) 
 Transparent cupcake boxes customised with arrow washi tape 
NOTE: Most of the raw materials and paper crafts were purchased on Ebay and Etsy.

Trees arrayed with these enchanting dreamcatchers and hanging jar flower arrangements.
This low levelled table setup emphasised the party's chill and relaxing ambiance. In addition to the laid-back setting, we also positioned the mini bubble machine (Jay found it on Ebay) a few inches away from the table to obtain the bubble effect throughout the time of filming and picture taking. Kids loved it as well as the adults! 

The Backdrop and Main Table Setting
Paper Lanterns and Tissue Crepe Papers from Ebay 
Pastel Macarons from Mademoiselle Macaron
Mini cupcakes courtesy of my sweet mother-in-law
Pre-made cones of naturally dried flower petals from Etsy Shop Sidandolive
Pink & White Paper Rose Flowers with Wire Stem from Ebay Shop CraftItemsUK
Gold arrow foil washi tape from Etsy Shop UnwrapColour
Bow and arrow washi tape from Etsy Shop myCraftyNell

The Birthday Cakes
Plain white round and square shaped cake from Waitrose
Fresh flowers from the local flower stand
Edible boho teepees, white daisies and feather wafer paper cake decorations from Etsy Shop WicksteadsEatMe
Food & Drinks
Food-wise we decided to serve a selection of fresh fruits, white crusty rolls filled with pork lechon meat, some Filipino dishes, sweets, and nibbles. For drinks, we supplied pimms, prosecco, white wine, beer and a variety of soft drinks.
Brownies from Brown and Blonde

Whole Pork Lechon from LutongPinoyUK

The Celebration
Yuna was screaming and crying throughout the birthday song. Bless her! She must have been overwhelmed with all the things going on around her. Unfortunately,  most of the kids we invited from the playgroup didn't make it to the party and the rest of them missed this bit due to their guardians' further commitments, so they had to leave early. I didn't even catch them on video because I was so caught up preparing and laying out the food and drinks. Anyways, the party proved to be a great success and everybody had a tremendous time particularly the birthday girl. We're filled with gratitude for the love and support of our friends and family.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, our little girl will never recall a thing about it, but first birthdays are certainly a celebration for the parents as much as the baby. It was nice to do something special for her whilst creating memories for ourselves and at the same time capturing moments we can look back on in years to come.

If you were to plan your child's first birthday party, what type of theme would you choose?