Day 4 in Cornwall. I could hear the pitter-patter of rain on our tent. It had been drizzling most of the night as I recall waking up on a few occasions. Although, there's something very satisfying being tucked up in a nice warm and dry tent with the rain hammering down on the outside canvas. British weather can be disheartening sometimes but the show must go on!
So, we went to visit the Cornish market just down the road from our campsite situated in a parish of St. Austell. It was one of the attractions being advertised in many of the tourist leaflets. It was very busy with locals and tourists alike. Though, we were a bit disappointed when we got there because it was not as interesting as we had imagined. The market was full of stalls with the usual tat you could buy anywhere else across the UK. I was expecting lots of lovely Cornish food stalls and crafts. Kendz spotted a nice mini leather wallet she could use to keep her cards tidy in her handbag and made a purchase. We proceeded to walk around for a few more minutes then we both agreed it was time to leave. Next stop - Charlestown.

After a short trip around the corner, we arrived in Charlestown, a small Cornish fishing community of West Polmear. As we pulled into the village, we could feel a sense of significant charm and beauty. There is a Shipwreck and Heritage museum yet, we decided not to go in this time. Instead, we strolled around the area and the historic fishing port. We just learnt that Charlestown harbour has been utilised as a filming location for movies and television dramas.

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The fantastic view was very inviting so, we managed to gather a tonne of footage and pictures whilst savouring the moment. I found my myself wondering away, imagining the scenes of the ships rolling in hundreds of years ago.

It was nearing lunchtime...we noticed a mini cafe which seemed to be the sole Cornish pasty shop in the village so, we dived in and secured a table. We ordered another delicious traditional Cornish pasty and this time, no pesky seagulls to attack me!

Fortunately, we had packed all of our swimming gears into the car seeing as we didn’t know what the weather was going to do. Also, tt was about time for Yuna to have a bit of fun. I had researched about a little water park at the Oasis-Hendra resort near Newquay. Entrance fee was reasonable at around £5 each (with a discount voucher) and free of charge for under 2’s. We all had a great time splashing around...Kendz and I took turns to jump onto water slides. It did get quite busy later on so, we decided to abandon the pool.

Last stop - Newquay. You can see why it’s called Cornwall’s surf town. The long sweeping beaches and constant supply of decent waves is a surfer’s paradise. Couple that with numerous trendy bars, restaurants and surf shops... and you’ve got a fantastic surfing resort.

We didn’t get a chance to wander all over the beach as it was already getting late. Nevertheless, it was great to watch the surfers catching waves from the viewing points on the cliffs. As we walked back towards the car, we saw some poor ladies being attacked by a mass of seagulls! They had just stepped outside the fish and chips shop with their meals. Brilliant viewing but brought back memories! (laughing out loud)

Our Cornwall trip wouldn't be complete without trying the local fish and chips hence, we drove back nearer to the campsite to find a chippy shop. You cannot resist the texture, aroma and taste of our national dish. By the time we arrived back at our camp pitch, it was pouring down heavily so, we sat inside the tent for a nice cosy family meal. 

It was our final night camping in the tent which was truly enjoyable but challenging experience with Yuna. We thought of packing up a few of our stuff before hitting the sack so, we wouldn’t be messing around too much in the morning for we had planned a couple of things to do on the journey back home. Yuna was finally knocked out following her hyperness and very pleased we could all get some rest at last.

We drifted off to sleep listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the tent. 

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