The birds were cheeping, the sun was shining...somehow we felt heaviness in our chest knowing that the time has come; time to head back home! Cornwall is certainly one of the best places in UK and we look forward to probing more coastal areas and beaches in this beautiful county (in the future). We will cherish all the great memories we created as a family. We will be back for sure!

Over and above, the weather decided to be kind to us as we laid away the tent, then we hit the road after a couple hours struggle getting the tent down and car packed.

As we drove back through Devon, we pulled into Otter Valley Dairy Ice Cream located in Monkton; as recommended by one of my friends. We weren’t disappointed. It was some of the best ice cream we’d tasted. Exceptionally savoury and delicious! The little garden area was could sit whilst admiring the landscape. We couldn’t resist taking a few snaps.
Jay's Gray Top from All Saints  | Kendz's Dungarees from New Look similar here

The main aim of the day was to stop at the well-known prehistoric monument, which is Stonehenge. We arrived to a cram-full car park and masses of international tourists who had come to witness the heritage site. Entrance fee was £13.50 each, which in my opinion was pretty steep, but I guess they turn all the money back into the preservation and maintenance of the primitive landmark and other historic sites across the country. 

We were standing in the queue for a few minutes to get our tickets. Then we had a quick mooch around the recreated settlement, which was supposed to be similar to the times of the Neo-druids. A shuttle bus service will take you to where the stones are situated. You can also walk if you wish.

A short bus journey later, we breezed in to see the fascinating circle of stones. It was all roped off around the edges and was mobbed with tourists trying to capture that winning photo, including us. It is crazy to think how they once dragged the stones from wherever they were seated, and stood them up to form what it is now. 
LittleLife Child Carrier Freedom (Green) similar here

Thirty minutes later, we jumped back on the shuttle bus and set off on the road again. We were starving and still not had any lunch so we pulled over for a cheeky KFC to fill our bellies and head off on the last leg of the journey.

Anyone wanting to visit Cornwall – DO IT! It really is a brilliant place, plenty of things to do, see and explore. It has such a chilled atmosphere and the beauty of the countryside and epic seaside landscapes will blow you away.

Happy adventures ya'll!

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