We were welcomed warmly by the sound of birds tweeting as we rose from our tent to start another day. It had been drizzling most of the night as I recall waking up on a few occasions. I was delighted to see some sun rays as I unzipped the tent door.

I stoked up the gas stove and made bacon and egg sandwiches with noodles, typical campers breakfast! We showered, dressed and got ourselves ready for the next adventures in store.

The weather was deteriorating quickly when we left the campsite. In the tourist leaflets I’d picked up, I found a few sites that had been recommended to visit. First point of call would be Basset Monument in Carn Brea, which is situated on top of a hill and was meant to reveal spectacular views of the surrounding area.
I stepped out of the car and was drenched within seconds, blown to hell and back thinking...why the heck did we come up here in this weather?! Crazy! Yes, you are correct!

I did my bit of exploring and walked around the small castle, which was within close proximity of Basset Monument and soon came back to shelter in the car. We agreed it was best for Yuna to stay in the car due to the torrential rain. Kendz took her turn to walk up to the monument and video blogged a little. She returned soaked to the bone just like myself and in a disheartened mood. 
Adventure abandoned, we head back to the campsite to change clothes and discuss our next plan of attack.  It was past lunchtime so, we headed to one of the local pubs in St. Austell to get some food and made friends with a lovely local lady who seemed to be very fond of Yuna. She had asked how old Yuna was…about twenty times while we were there. Bless her.

Fuelled up and feeling a little happier with ourselves, we jumped back into the car just as the weather looked like it was starting to clear up. A short drive later, we arrived at the fantastic costal town of Perranporth. The views from the cliff opposite the car park were awesome! We spent around thirty minutes taking in the view, snapping pictures and video blogging.
It was a short walk down the hill to reach the beachfront. The tide was a long way out so, plenty of beach to discover and the spectacular rock formations inviting you for great shots and filler footage. The wind was still really strong coming straight off the sea. It was a little chilly but we were wrapped up and had our rain jackets on, however, the sun was still shining, bonus!
As we made our way along the beach, we stopped to watch some kite boarders making the most of the choppy seas and high winds. They were really getting air on those things, may be next time I could give something like that a go, or at least try surfing!
The beautiful seascape, ideal for great 360 video shots! We made the most of our new tripod and ball head to shoot smooth looking footage. It was early evening so, we decided to head back to the car proceeding a pleasant beach walk. As a family, we love going on long walks especially by the beachfront. You can let your mind run free and drink in the fantastic scenery and fresh sea air. 
On our way back, we stopped off at a local supermarket to grab a pack of chicken and a few bits for breakfast.

As we pulled into the site, I noticed something was not right with our camp pitch. I drove closer and could see our gazebo had been blown over in the high winds but luckily, it was still attached to the floor by one peg. It could have been a nasty accident! Some of the framework had been bent and a couple of screws missing, nothing I wouldn’t be able to fix though. We packed the gazebo up and threw it into the back of the car.

Once the little mishap was sorted, Kendz cooked us fried chicken and chips for dinner and ate outside the tent. We watched a film together, tried to ware Yuna out and all drifted off to sleep after a tiring and eventful day.

Things may not happen the way you plan them but somehow, you just have to keep on going and embrace the situation. After all, some of the best moments in our lives are spontaneous and unpredicted.

W A T C H   O U R   V I D E O