Having arrived at Court Farm Campsite the night before, we woke up to a lovely, fresh sunny morning. A nice surprise, seeing as I had been looking at the weather forecast countless times before the trip, affirming that the weather was meant to be pretty miserable!

We made it to the campsite way later than we’d planned the previous night and we were in a real rush to get our tent set up before nightfall. Luckily, the friendly chap on the pitch next to us offered to give us a hand as he saw us rushing around like headless chickens trying to erect our tent and unloading things from the car. When everything was finally in place, we lit up the gas cooker to throw on some chicken for a quick nibble before bed. I managed to burn the chicken to a crisp! Soon after, we cleaned up and hit the sack for our first night in a tent as a family.
Now, back to our first real day in Cornwall… We cooked up some breakfast on our gas stove, showered and got ready for our first adventure. We opted for a trip to the beautiful coastline around the area of St Ives. It was a 40-minute journey by car from our campsite near St. Austell but an engaging drive through the countryside made the time fly by and before we knew it, we were stood up in front of a stunning view.

We had reached our first destination not really knowing much about Cornwall and agreed we'd play it by ear as to which adventure we would take on each day. We head for the main car park just outside of the town centre, it was completely rammed with tourists trying to park and coaches pulling up every ten minutes. There were shuttle buses running across to the town however, we decided to make our own way and followed the paths down the steep hills towards the town centre.

LittleLife Child Carrier Freedom (Green) similar here
It was my first time trying out our new baby carrier we'd bought for Yuna. To be honest, I felt really comfortable wearing it and the weight on my back didn't pose any issues. The holder includes many pockets of which we could store all our vlogging gear and baby essentials we needed. Half way down the hill, the views overlooking the bay and roofs of the houses were amazing (especially on a sunny day).

As we approached the main shopping alley, I could feel a warm-hearted seaside town vibe with a bit of class and bubbly charm thrown in. The streets were lined with lovely houses, traditional pubs and lots of unique and interesting shops leading down to the harbour area. It was nearing lunchtime so, I popped in to one of the many bakeries to pick up a large Cornish pasty for lunch and grabbed some chips from a nearby chippy at the harbour front.

By this time I was already burning up from the intense sun, of which I had not anticipated. Yet, I wasn’t going to complain, you have to make the most of the English weather when it’s half decent! We saw a nice little spot down on the beach area where we could scoff our goodies in front of a pleasant seascape and placed ourselves upon a couple of vacant deckchairs. Yuna instantly loved playing in the sand and sampled a great big mouthful of Cornish sand. Yummy!
After a quick bit of vlogging whilst trying to get some cinematic footage, it was time to eat. I pulled my Cornish pasty from the wrapper to show the camera while vlogging, my mouth was watering and couldn’t wait to get stuck into it! Five seconds later…BOOM! A huge annoying flock of seagulls clattered me in the back of the head and dug one of their greedy yellow beaks right into my pasty. (Check out the hilarious moment here) Still, I wasn’t going to let my pasty fly away and held onto it for dear life. Score check: Daddy Jay 1 vs Big fat greedy seagull 0!!!

Finally, we managed to eat in peace at the same time hiding it and wasn’t disappointed by the taste. This is what we came for! 

We head round to one of the joining beaches for a walk and shoot some more footage. There was a wedding shoot taking place on the beachfront too and what a beautiful day they had picked for it.

Kendz's V-Curve Necklace from Topshop

Yuna's Plastic Rainbow Headwrap from CLAIRE'S

As we strolled back along the beachfront path heading towards the town, we stumbled across a local bloke balancing rocks at ridiculous angles you would never have thought possible. Kendz thought she’d give it a go and made her own pile of rocks, not quite the same effect, but cool nevertheless.

Kendz's Coral Summer Dress from Everything5Pounds | Jay's Faded Demin Short from RIVER ISLAND, White Plain Shirt from ASOS
We got to the bottom of the hill once again where this time we would have to trek up to get to the car park. By the time I had powered up the hill, I was puffing real hard and tired from lugging Yuna around in the carrier all day. I couldn’t complain though - we had a fantastic day!

Back at the campsite, we began to sort out the rest of the bits we hadn’t tidied the night before. I chucked some lamb burgers onto the disposable BBQ and Kendz fried some chips in our fryer as we had an electric hook up for the tent. It's definitely essential so we could charge all our batteries and phones etcetera throughout the holiday.

It was also the England vs Iceland game that night and luckily, I had thrown my TV and aerial into the car and cheekily hooked it up to watch the match. How I wish I hadn’t bothered… embarrassing! We got bored after a while and had a little kick around in the field with Yuna before hitting the sack (ready for another adventure the next day).

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