It was a scorching Sunday afternoon, the hot blazing sun gazed at the world without a halt between the crystal clear skies. The heat casting from the window soon created an atmosphere of an oven. Jay and I sat curled up on the sofa; closing my eyes against the bright sunlight, I absorbed its warmth. What better way to cherish this moment than to gather your loved ones and spread your feast over a picnic blanket in a marvellous country garden.

After plucking up enough courage to brave one of the hottest days of the year in the UK so far, we found ourselves waiting in line at the Hever Castle & Gardens' entrance. We didn't mind the sun's relentless, burning attack. Although, at some point, I stood up under the shade of a tree (just like a typical Filipino might do) to avoid the sun-rays touching their skin. *Shhh*

As we strode down the pathway, a 700-year old double-moated castle once the childhood home of Anne Boylen, the second queen consort of King Henry VIII of England, welcomed us with its charm and grace.
Such an exquisite setting for a traditional castle ambiance facing the backdrop of picturesque well-kept gardens that are absolutely divine! 
United Kingdom is blessed with an array of magnificent Country Gardens. Many of us overlook the beauty and enjoyment that these gardens behold. Each with their own class and finesse, it’s impossible to see how some people are missing out.

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Decades have passed and this old archway has maintained its poise, stood proudly in front of a stunning lake view. Surely, there is a great photo opportunity around every corner!

Aside from that, there's a secret garden and a maze's full of surprises! Oh yes, what can you do if your toddler wants to steal your moment? Nothing. But you know what, sometimes unpredicted snapshots like this are as precious as rubies.
I was captivated by the immaculately trimmed hedges of this Italian Garden. Also, the small pillars were quite appealing to the whole scene.  I was so engrossed in visualising our own lawn bursting with wild plants (flowers), little fountain and outdoor art pieces. 
On the other side, I was cheerfully taking snaps of my two favourite photography subjects and as I watch them closely, I realised just how they have expanded my life in many ways I never expected. They always bring out the best in me and I'm very thankful for that.

So, Yuna couldn't resist the luscious silky soft grass, sitting pretty and wearing a dearie smile while the sunlight shone on her hazel brown hair. We were just having a great time taking pictures round-the-clock...creating memories like there's no tomorrow.
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Many country gardens are home to an endless number of colourful flower displays. From the typical English roses to the exotic plants that flourish in the summer months, the vibrant colours of the flowers are so refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Bright colours should enhance your mood. No? Maybe allow yourself to reconnect with nature as it takes you to the moment of you the ability to open up to something that's much bigger than yourself.

I'm not sure but there’s something about country gardens that bring us the aroma of love, the serenity we always crave for and the promise of a new day full of hopes and dreams. 
As a hobbyist photographer, in a place like  doesn't matter who the subject is anymore. These flamboyant flowers swaying and dancing in the breeze will hypnotise you with their elegance and enchantment. You will be snapping away continuously before you know it.
Who says gardens are only there for the people who are passionate about gardening and the older generation? (Not to stereotype anyone.) Those who don't visit them are really missing out - there is something for everyone! We didn't have an ample amount of time to explore the whole estate yet we left with our hearts filled of gratitude and appreciation. 

Above this, I am somehow convinced that while this world of life is a garden ravaged, I like to think that things have profound meanings than what we see on the surface. I’m someone who perpetually tries to look for them.

If you are going to visit one of the country gardens near you...have a lovely time my friend, and don't forget to take it all in. 

Breathe. Chill. Relax. Appreciate.

W A T C H   O U R   V I D E O