From a young age I used to love playing with Lego, making buildings and then smashing them into smithereens. Lego has been around since 1949 and has been growing ever since. LEGOLAND makes a great day out for the family and we were so pleased that we could visit.

Luckily, I managed to get 2 free adult park tickets via ‘The Sun Perks’. Entrance fees into the park can be fairly pricey, so it’s definitely worth looking for any deals you can find at the time. We had a fantastic day out and the weather was on our side too…bonus!

Here are 5 reasons to visit Legoland Windsor… 
1. It’s educational for kids and fun at the same time!
Although our daughter is not quite old enough to appreciate much of the educational aspect, it was easy to see that the park offers fantastic and fun learning attributes. There are various stops around the resort with interactive stations and places you can get involved making LEGO and DUPLO structures and even in some of the restaurants. Some of the rides also showcase fairytale characters found in books, which most children can recognise. Another nice touch was the fact that you can find gold using the old method of sieving through sand in exchange for a gold coin at the end of your efforts at the Pirate Goldwash.

2.  Experience lots of different themed lands and rides. 
There are so many different lands to explore and you will find rides in each one, which suit every age group. Some of the rides for the elder children were being enjoyed just as much as the adults and part of them actually require you to be hands on and learn new skills. Notably, the Driving School, Boating School, Sky Rider and Squid Surfer looked to be among some of the best rides and ones which you could also acquire new experience!

3. Miniland. 
Many people go to LEGOLAND to visit Miniland alone. It is home to miniature replica buildings and landmarks from throughout Europe and the rest of the world. An awesome spectacle, considering how much time and effort the builders must have put into building the whole land. There are many famous landmarks and cities featured throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The cities of Amsterdam, London and Venice just to note a few. Many of the famous tall landmarks across the world also claimed a spot; the Eiffel tower, many of London’s tallest buildings and even a section for the Kennedy Space Centre.

4. Something for everyone. 
LEGOLAND has something for everyone. There are many smaller rides that the toddlers are more than welcome to ride with an adult. There are various train rides, small boat rides as well as little adventure parks they can run around and let of steam. There is also brilliant outdoor water park which the younger ages can splash around in, if only we’d known we would have packed a spare swimsuit. Parents will be taken aback with Miniland and I’m sure they’d love the numerous rides available to them.

5. Fantastic entertainment and new rides.
Throughout the park and in each land, there is some sort of entertainment show, mainly aimed towards the kids but great for the adults too. There is singing and dancing, puppet shows and a brilliant pirate show with stunts. You will be entertained all day long! They are constantly looking to build new rides and attractions too so, not every visit will be the same and you always have something to look forward too. 

I hope many of you find this blog useful and inspire you to experience LEGOLAND Windsor for yourselves. Visit www.legoland.co.uk if you’d like to check out more info and ticket prices.

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