A couple of months ago, I have had the opportunity to design someone's invitation card for a Chanel-inspired birthday party; this theme seems to catch every woman’s heart,  just like a young girl going ga-ga over a Frozen movie-inspired birthday party.

Knowing Coco Chanel’s distinguished chic style and uttermost class, this elegant theme is a great way to gather all your girl friends together for a posh and fabulous affair.

And of course, sending invitation cards to your respective guests at least a couple of months away from the actual day is a must as it plays a vital part in setting your event’s motif and spreading excitement to the attendees. A black and white invitation card with the iconic Coco Chanel brand logo and a hint of your party concept is an ideal way to get your guests dressed up; giving them the thrill of your big day.

If you're not planning on buying customised or print-ready invitation cards, this particular task can be quite stressful especially if you are not a savvy graphic designer nor a skilled photoshop editor. Well, worry no more as there are lots of free online photo editors available right now such as PicMonkey, Pixlr, BeFunky, Fotor, piZap to name a few. Obviously, PicMonkey is my favourite!

First off, open your browser and hit Google - everyone's best friend. Then, you wanna grab some graphic images of the iconic Chanel brand logo and save them until you have enough to use.

I’d like to add the Eiffel Tower because it represents Chanel’s headquarter which is situated in Paris. Also, you wanna pick a nice graphic image of Chanel’s eau de parfum bottle to complete the design we are aiming to achieve. I’d like to incorporate all of these elements with a touch of Coco Chanel’s chic and empowering words of wisdom so, you wanna find a quote you can use too. 

Once you’re done collating these elements, go ahead and type in on your browser. You don’t need to register, but you can sign up as well to avail their ad-free exclusive features. I love the fact that it’s free but I also hate the fact that it slows your work because of random banner ads popping up every after few seconds! Anyway, it does the job so, I guess I cannot complain!

There are different canvas sizes you can use for your design plus, you can customise your preferred canvas size by selecting the Custom option.

You may use 1500 x 2100 pixels for this design if you want it to be print-ready. Click ‘Make it’ button and it’ll take you to the editing workspace where you can explore some of the free editing tools available in PicMonkey.

You may find it complicated to utilise at first, but you’ll probably get the hang of it after a little bit of practice. Just don’t give up and you’ll turn into a pro in no time. However, if editing is not your cup of tea, I found some cool online shops where you can find similar Chanel-inspired invitation card designs (see links below).

Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you recreated one of these designs yourself. I’d love to see your beautiful artwork.

By the way, what is your ultimate go-to free online photo editor? Kindly share you thoughts about it because reading your comments down below would be fantastic. :)

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