HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow bloggers and readers! It’s been a while since our last blog post and what better way to make a comeback than creating a good quality content. Jay and I decided to take a break from vlogging to focus on the things that we need to prioritise first before Christmas and one of them was the well overdue lounge makeover we’ve been planning to do for quite a long time.

Jay was kind enough for letting me ‘wear the pants’ during the process but don’t get me wrong, I didn’t ignore his opinion or input at all. He knew what I was going for and he was quite pleased when I showed him some random home interior inspirations I found on Instagram and Pinterest. Also, many of the best interior inspirations are now to be found online so, you guessed it right! I’ve read a number of blogs showcasing lots of decorating inspirations and beautiful home interiors. Of course, I was taking notes of practical tips and tricks that will help us achieve the look we were aiming for. 

I strongly believe that this particular home feature should have the right atmosphere as it is where we relax in the evenings, watch TV, entertain and undertake other activities everyday. Our lounge gradually filled with collected ‘stuff’ and use to be a neat open-feeling space until it became jumbled and cheerless. Thus, made us rethink of a solution…to give it a nice ‘makeover’. I know, whenever we hear this word we can’t help but shrink because it’s tough to carry on when you are on small budgets. That’s when ‘online sales’ and ‘DIY’ comes in handy. Yes, we gave our lounge a lease of life without breaking the bank only it look like it cost a fortune.

I will go through each item and discuss how we chose them considering the current look of our open space kitchen with grey cupboards. So, we decided to stick to a monochrome theme. However, I thought of adding silver and brass/gold colours to give it a more stylish approach. It’s important to plan your scheme thoroughly before you go ahead.

1. Quilted Sofa | Harveys Furniture
We sold our old sofa because we were not happy about the quality and comfortless feel it gives to our backs whenever we are sat on it. Another thing, our daughter constantly hits her head on the hard part of the sofa. Now, who says quilted sofas are for rich people only? I totally disagree.

We found this 3-seater sofa at Harveys Furniture. To attain a sophisticated look without blowing the budget, we got it on finance (0%) paying a budget-friendly monthly installment.

Standard wise it's one of the best choices with good quality craftsmanship, the only downfall is the delivery time. I had to chase the customer service and rang them a few times because two delivery dates had failed. On a positive note, on my fourth call, one of the sales representatives at Harveys Furniture made sure our concern had been addressed accordingly. Though it wasn't clear why it was not delivered on its original delivery date,  it reached our household before Christmas. Happy days!
2. High-gloss White TV Bench from IKEA Out of Stock
I also wanted to follow the modern white contemporary and minimalist approach so, I thought I should start with selecting the right TV bench. The shelving unit we bought three years ago temporarily served as a TV stand until we purchased this high-gloss white TV bench from IKEA. By the way, that shelving unit is sitting in our bedroom now.
| Similar TV bench here |
3. DIY graphic B & W graphic images | All picture frames from IKEA
To boost the look of the lounge, these DIY framed B&W graphic images/artworks I did on were accumulated to perk up the bare wall just right above the TV bench. Never mind the spacing and alignment but there's no such thing as perfect! I created most of the graphic images myself. Credit goes to the owner of some graphic images I used. I got them printed at and I was content with the print quality. 

When picking out the right subjects to put together, it is easier to think about how this artwork gallery will represent your personality, your family or it can be you and your partner's love story. I considered doing the latter. DIY projects are low-cost ways to enhance the ambiance of your place and you will also get that good feeling from making something with your hands.
| Similar picture frame here |

4. Zigzag Eyelet Curtains | Very
When we moved into our flat, all of the windows and the terrace door had curtains up already. However, we didn't like it because it blocks the sunlight that brightens up our lounge. Hence, we took them off instead and at the moment we are still looking for simple blinds to replace them. The modernistic zigzag pattern of these curtains made them ideal for bringing contemporary style to the lounge.
| Similar ZigZag Eyelet Curtains here |
"We gave our lounge a lease of life without breaking the bank, it only look like it cost a fortune."
5. Hexagonal Mirror | Wayfair  
We are currently renting a two-bedroom flat so we are not allowed to drill through the wall. How did we hang this mirror? Simply by using a damage-free picture canvas wall hanging strips you can buy at your nearest local DIY shops.
| Similar Wall Hanging Strips here |
Moving on, I've been eyeing this type of mirror design since I saw it on my Instagram feed. I was only thinking of one particular online shop where I may be able to find similar ones. Ever heard of Wayfair?  It is indeed 'a new way to shop for home'. 
| Similar Copper Hexagonal Hanging Mirror here|
6. Geometric Brass Lantern | Home Sense
I have a thing for geometric home decor (obviously). I also got these geo brass lanterns at Home Sense shop which is a part of the TK Maxx family. If you love TK Maxx home, you'll definitely admire how it can give you savings of up to 60% less than the recommended retail price on branded and quality homeware.
At first, I thought I could use the rest of the soil to replant the succulents inside the lantern but I realised putting the soil in wouldn't be ideal if it will only end up falling out. I let go of the idea and placed the mini succulent pot inside instead. It doesn't look bad though! Or does it?

Mini Succulent Plants from IKEA
| Similar Real & Artificial Mini Succulents Plants/Pots here |
| Similar ones here |
7. Egyptian Pharaoh Art Sculpture Statue Figurine | Home Sense
I was having a hard time associating three eye-catching ornaments to be arranged on a tray when Jay walked me through the isle where this statue figurine was displayed. I was holding a silver vase in my right hand and carefully placed them on the floor. I was trying to visualise our TV bench with the candle dish exactly like what you see in the pictures below. What can I say, I think it's one of Jay's best finds so far! I got the white silver candle as a Christmas present. Another penny saved! 
8. Candle holders & Tea Light Holder | IKEA
It was hard to ignore this brass-colour candle dish! I knew exactly where it should be placed at first sight. 
9. Silver flower vase & Artificial White Hydrangea & White Rose flower | Home Sense
I absolutely adore these artificial flowers I also got from Home Sense! You will be deceived by its real feel effect, almost like a real bouquet of flowers at first glance. I love the quality as well!
10. Brass/White Table Lamp | IKEA
I opted for a living-room lamp that's lovely to look at, whether it's on or off. I was really chuffed when I saw this elegant table lamp that features a brass nickel-plated exterior and textile shade. The right lighting has transformed the mood of our lounge at very little cost.
| Similar Table Lamp here |
11. Cushions |  CreateandCase
Etsy is one of my go-to online shops as you can find inexpensive stylish cosy cushions with fabulous designs that suit your style. Just like these white modern geometric cushion covers I got from one of the shops called Create and Case. This particular shop has a fair collection of creative and artistic products you can use everyday! These elegant cushions I brought together blend in very well with the quilted sofa.
Fluffy White Cushions | Primark 
Luxury Faux Fur Cushions | Very
| Similar Cushions here |
12. Yucca Elephantipes Potted Plant | IKEA
Adding green plants is one of the best ways to liven up a space. I have a bad reputation in terms of looking after plants as they always end up in the bin. Live plants makes me feel connected with nature so, I bought another one to add a little colour to the room. Jay helped me replant it into an old plant pot and scattered some pebbles around it. Surely my DIY magic is working!
| Similar Yucca Elephantipes here |
13. Mirrored Top Nesting Tables | Furniture In Fashion
Finding the right coffee table was a bit of a challenge for me because I wanted stick to our colour scheme. Also, I had to consider the size as we wanted to maintain a sense of space. I did my homework and spotted these contemporary set of tables online. If you wish to own a similar design, it may be still available so go ahead and click the link above.
| Similar Nesting Tables here |
"A stylish space doesn't always consist of a bunch of expensive items." 
14. Textured Silver Picture Frame | Home Sense
At first, I thought silver and brass/gold colour won't go well together but, it seems to look all right. There are tons of picture frames at Home Sense and I almost gave up browsing through the shelves until my eyes caught this textured silver picture frame gleaming at me, as if telling me that 'I may be the one you are looking for'. Well, I picked it up and never let go.
15. White Rug made of Sheepskin Wool | IKEA
To complete the look, sometimes you have to rethink what you have, mooch through and interchange items from other rooms to save you from purchasing anymore goods. I bought this white rug from IKEA a few years ago and I kind of like how it injected a bit of personality to the lounge.
| Similar White Rugs here |
You may have noticed from the picture above, our lounge looked cluttered and we used to own two black coffee tables before, which left us little space. The outcome in our opinion was fantastic!

There are few things I learned from this little make-over:
1. Shop with style. 
2. A 'successful' room makeover doesn't happen overnight. Do one small change at a time and be very patient. 
3. Master basic DIY and unleash your creativity.
4. Evaluate the things you can keep, what you need to remove, and what you really need to buy. 
5. A stylish space doesn't always consist of a bunch of expensive items.
"The outcome in our opinion was fantastic!"
White Throw from IKEA

Let us know what you think.  We hope this blog gave you a bit of inspiration if you are considering a home/room makeover in the future.