They certainly look the part and can be snapped up at a great price, but are they really value for money. Lets take a look.

Design & Specs:

After using these earphones for a while now I thought it was about time to give my opinion. MPOW certainly have created some awesome looking earphones. The gun metal black colour really stands out and looks like premium earphones from first sight.

The MPOW logo is situated on the corner of the driver housing plate with circular CD rings making up rest of the design giving, it a cool looking effect when viewing from different angles. The earphones are predominantly made from high quality plastic and a metal plate for the driver housing, while the earphone wiring is flat to help stop any nasty tangling. You can buy them in a choice of 3 different colours, all black, black and silver or gold and black. With my preference being the all black model.

These particular bluetooth earphones come with 3 different sized ear buds and 2 different sized ear hooks so you can pick the best combination to fit to your ears. The earbuds are pretty soft and they feel very comfortable in the ear creating a nice snug fit.

The earphones provide a battery life of around 8 hours of usage, so if you use them for roughly an hour each day a single charge will see you through the week and they take only a couple of hours to charge to full again. The charging point is open and closed by a rubber bung on the right earphone and can be charged up with the supplied micro usb cable.

They support bluetooth 4.1 technology so connecting to your music source is really easy and the connection stays secure with very little chance of dropout. Only will you experience dropout when the bluetooth signal is interfered with or you surpass a distance of around 10-12 metres from your device, which you are highly unlikely to do in any case.

They’ve created a nice control box part way along the earphone wire, home to the power button and volume controls. It also serves as the microphone for hands-free calling. A quick tap of the button will answer your call and quality is actually pretty good.

On this particular model they do not feature a play and pause function, however on the magneto model this is included along with magnets built into the driver housing body keeping your headphones secure and tidy. If you could live without this and didn’t wish to spend an extra £4.00 or so then then Wolverine model will suit you fine.

Sound Quality:

Moving onto the sound quality, I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Overall I feel the sound is decently balanced for a set of budget earphones. The highs seem to be nice and crisp listening to most music genres, the mids are definitely there but can sometimes be lost a little in varying songs. The bass is lovely and deep without becoming distorted. The earphones seem best suited to pop, electronic, hip hop and rock music but if you’re wanting to listen to music which requires more precise detail such as classical etc. you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Nearly all background noise is cancelled when using the earphones due to the in ear buds and noise leak is minimal when being used at normal volumes.

All in all these are fantastic earphones for the price. Costing only £14.29 on Amazon you really can’t fault them for the performance they provide. The only downfalls are that earphones sometime do fall out of your ear, especially when working out in the gym and on the odd occasion music has blipped for a split second over the bluetooth connection but that may be an issue with my music source.

So, if your looking for a new pair of wireless sound blasters for use in the gym or everyday listening the MPOW Wolverine is a great choice.

All the best.

If you would like to see a full review check our YouTube video below.