Havit are a relatively new company on the electronics scene, producing affordable audio, mobile and computer gaming goods. I’ll leave a link in the description below if your wanted to check their other products. 

The speaker comes well packaged in nice style box. Inside you get the bluetooth speaker itself, a multi use USB charging cable with 3.5mm jack for aux output for connecting other media devices, a manual, quality certificate and warranty details.

Build Quality & Looks
As soon as you pull the speaker out of the box you can tell it has a nice weighty feel to it. It’s predominantly made of a metal alloy body with a plastic bottom and rubber finish underneath on the base to provide multi surface grip. The top of the speaker is covered with a black fibre cloth mesh where the audio is pumped out, helping the sound become purer on the ear. All in all it feels and looks like a decent build. The speaker can also be picked up in an all black colour as an alternative to the metal silver, should that take your fancy.

It looks pretty sleek and elegant at first glance. The cylindrical brushed silver alloy body is a nice touch and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place sat on your work desk or shelf. It is a shame however, that they couldn’t carry the metal body throughout instead of the plastic base but understandably this is where they have incorporated their cable inputs points. As an added bonus the Havit M10 includes a cool looking Led light which beams through the top of the speaker slowly pulsating on and off when in use and changing to red when on charge. If you did find the light annoying though, you can also turn this off. 

Now, you’re probably wondering where the controls to the speaker are, well they are actually situated on the base. Simply press one of the 4 symbols choosing the function you need. There is a play/on-off switch, two skip track buttons either side and the mode switch. Another nice feature is the included built in TF card input, handy for use without the need for any devices to be carried around. Next to this you have the Micro usb charging point which as mentioned before can double up as an audio cable input for Ipods or laptops etc. To the side of this a microphone input is situated for use when using the loud speaker to make and take calls. Although the controls are situated on the base of the speaker, which isn’t ideal, it does help to maintain the clean look of the speaker itself and lets face it, you’re not going to need to mess around with it much once you’ve turned it on, unless using the TF card mode that is. The bluetooth range on the speaker works within an 8-10m range which is plenty enough and the speaker weighs in at only 210g being very compact. To fully charge the speaker it can take anywhere up to 3 hours.

Moving on to the all important sound quality, you really won’t be disappointed when using it in the right situations. The speaker has a power output of 3W, which of course is not huge at all. But, if you are looking for a speaker to to fill a small room or for personal use when on holiday you won’t have any problems. The clarity in sound & vocals is very good and even the bass is prominent without becoming distorted at the highest volume levels. It seems well rounded in every department. If you are looking for a party speaker though you will certainly need a lot more power output and so this may not be a suitable choice. 

Overall this is a great all round speaker for use in small spaces and for taking on your travels. The compactness and lovely design make this a desirable portable speaker at an affordable price of just under £15. I couldn’t really fault the performance at all and with 6 hours playback time charged from full is great given the size of the speaker. A couple of things to note however, the alloy metal finish although looking great is a magnet for fingerprints so will need cleaning every once in a while to keep it fresh. Also there is no protective case or bag included, which would have been a nice touch although not essential. For those of you after a great performing, portable bluetooth speaker you can’t go far wrong with the Havit M10. 

If you fancied one of these brilliant little speakers yourself click here.

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