I’ve always been quite sceptical as to whether these waterproof bags actually are fully waterproof. If you’ve ever had the need or wanted to keep your phone safe from water damage whilst out in nature or using your phone at the beach or in the swimming pool this could be a useful tool! Let’s find out if it’s going to be up to the job.

More and more high end phones these days are being made with waterproof abilities, which is fantastic, but if your phone doesn’t have these capabilities or simply you wanted to fully protect your phone anyhow, a waterproof pouch may work for you.

It comes packaged in a basic white and blue box. Inside you have the pouch, a lanyard for carrying round your neck and an arm band for use when on runs or undertaking fitness activity.

The pouch is claimed to be made from premium ABS and PVC material, which ensures durable use and is scratch resistant and fairly robust. The translucent window allows you to have full view of your phone whilst out in different environments and even when under water - all at your own risk of course. At the top there is a secure plastic clip lock with logo, helping create a complete lock seal on the bag. It can accommodate a range of phone sizes up to the size of an iPhone 7 plus.

Functionally the bag is very easy to use, pop your phone in or any other valuables or money you have and secure snap and lock the top of the pouch. This product is IPX8 Waterproof meaning it is protected against water submersion, so as mentioned before could potentially be used whilst swimming or snorkelling etc.

You can actually still use your phone whilst it is protected in the case which is a very nice feature. This could allow you to take pictures underwater if you feel brave enough and also use in wet weather or other water based activities too. You can actually still make and take calls from the pouch and sound is still audible even though sealed in the case.

Before use MPOW recommend you test your case before using it in real situations, so I did so as recommended with a tissue in the pouch and submerged for 30 mins and remarkably remained completely dry.

I then went to test this with a mobile phone placed in the pouch and as before performed remarkably well and of course no sign of any water leak.

For such a cheap product I was pleasantly surprised that it performed as well as it did. It really is fully waterproof even when submerged under water for a lengthy period of time. I love the fact that it also comes with a couple of strap options useful in varying situations. How long the pouch may last is another matter though, but can readily be replaced once worn due to the disposable price point. My only concerns is that the plastic casing could easily rip after a good amount of use or misuse for that matter, creating small tears in the plastic. But, all in all you can’t fault it for a price of only £6.59.
Big thanks to MPOW for hooking me up with this product.

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