Build and First Impressions
The Q16’s come packaged in their minimalist style signature black box. You get the black Soundpeats carry case, the wireless ear buds, a dual micro usb to usb charging cable, an extra 2 sets of different sized ear bud tips and user manual.

The ear buds are solidly build from a high grade plastic being completely wireless. No need to worry about getting your earphones in a tangle or the wire flapping around when on the treadmill. They simply hook over the ear and the buds sit nicely into the ear canal. The hooks are made from a flexible plastic but strong enough to withstand regular use. They are all black in colour with the Soundpeats logo being prominent on the earphone driver casing. This time they have added a red bud tip to offer a little colour to the earphones. They are pretty compact light in weight.

All of the controls sit on top of the driver housing making it very accessible to control your music. Immediately, when you put them on they feel really comfortable on the ear. They are very secure and you won’t have them falling out of your ears every few minutes as with some of the other earphone designs. The charging port is situated at the bottom of each ear bud and is covered by a plastic cap to keep it free of dust and dirt. Both earphones will need charging and can be done so with the included dual charging cable. 

As with most of their products Soundpeats include the handy little carry case with mesh pocket, allowing you to keep them safe whilst out and about. Also, for the perfect fit you have a small, medium and large set of bud tips to allow you to find the best fit for your ear canals.

Now, these earbuds allow you a couple of options with them being completely wireless. You are able to use them both together or you can also just use one bud without the need of turning the other on. Sort of like a bluetooth head piece for phones.

At the top of each ear bud you have the buttons to control your music. Either side are the buttons controlling the volume and skip track. The centre button is the multifunction button used for turning them on and pairing. At the bottom of the driver housing is the LED light and will change colour depending on which function is in use. Next to this is the microphone for use when making calls.

Call quality is good and voice comes across nice and clean. As with many bluetooth earphones just a tap of the multifunction button will accept and end calls without the need of messing around on your phone.

Coming with bluetooth 4.2 technology, for me pairing them wasn’t a problem and pretty quick, although is a little harder initially compared to many other devices. Firstly you need to power up the right ear bud and connect to your bluetooth device then power up the left if needed and it will say “true wireless stereo connected”. The bluetooth roaming range on them is the standard 10m before the audio starts dropping out.

Battery life on the Q16’s is fairly decent lasting anywhere around 5-6 hours and charging to full takes roughly around a couple of hours.

Lets get down to sound quality. First of all, are they better than the Soundpeats Q12’s I previously reviewed? Yes, although that’s what you’d expect at a higher price! I love the bass produced by these Ear buds, definitely a contender if you are a bass lover. The mids and highs are also pretty well balanced and vocals come across clear. At maximum volume though the bass does tend to drown out the other tones and sound a little muddy, that said you shouldn’t go to max volume anyway. They are a pleasure to use with most music genres but especially those tunes with a good beat.

As with all Soundpeats products they come with a standard 12 months warranty.

These are a fantastic true wireless option for those who want to ditch the wire without compromising on audio quality. What I do love about these ear buds is the versatility of use, whether it’s using them in a gym environment, using it as a bluetooth earpiece or just requiring the one bud for some background music whilst working etc. Another plus is the awesome bass production and the fit on the ear for me is perfect as they stay put even through intense exercise. The only small drawback is some may find it a little tricky at first to connect everything up, however once done it will be a simple routine when next required. Selling at £36.99 they are a real contender even with some of the big brand competitors. 

Guys these definitely pack a punch in the audio department, so if you fancy some click here. 

All the best.