So, you might be wondering how I discovered this outstanding suncare product. I actually saw it in one of Hannah Michalaks’s Snapchat posts. Yes, you guessed it right! She’s a lifestyle blogger and also a YouTuber. She’s one of my favourite influencers amongst the gazillion of bloggers I follow on Instagram.

Moving on, whilst we enjoy the summer and the spirit of outdoor adventures, we all know that getting too much sun can be harmful. This only means that wearing sunscreen protection is a MUST. I have dry, sensitive skin and for this reason, I always find it challenging to find the right products for my skin type.

Because I always watch Hannah’s family vlogs every Sunday, I was able to see the difference on her skin after using one of LA ROCHE-POSAY’s suncare products - the Anthelios XL BB Cream with SPF50.

She was talking about it over and over again, like how she fell in love with it (not yet sponsored around that time). I was particularly amazed when she honestly claimed that she wasn’t wearing foundation. Her skin was looking fresh with a dewy look effect and that’s exactly what I am looking for if I had to choose the right sunscreen for my skin.

I went to check LA ROCHE-POSAY’s official website in UK and learnt that they have a complete suncare range for body and face suitable for all the family. And of course, it’s clinically tested for use on dry, sensitive skin.
"This is by far the best tinted BB cream with sunscreen I’ve ever used!"
Unfortunately, it was out of stock around that time so I ended up buying one at lookfantastic.

I can go on and on and on about this product but I thought it would be easier for me to enumerate the reasons why I really love it and also for you to use your own judgement in case you decide to buy one for yourself.

#nofilter selfie (I did my morning skin care routine + applied my daily facial moisturiser then the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted BB Cream SPF50) My phone cam didn't really do justice but you can tell that it blends well with my moisturiser.

1) It didn’t upset my very dry, sensitive skin which is great!
2) It gives you an ‘exceptionally’ high protection against UVB and UVA rays responsible for 80% of the signs of premature ageing. We don’t want that to happen, do we? 
3) I love the fact that it’s in a moisturising cream texture (which is again, really good for dry to very dry skin). I’d say just slightly sticky.
4) It’s tinted for a natural-looking glow! I especially like the shiny effect (not too shiny though) but gives you light coverage and saves me from using foundation (yes please).
5) It blends well with my current moisturiser, Aveeno Daily Facial Moisturiser.
6) Doesn’t clog my pores which is amazing!
7) I actually love its sweet floral scent which goes on a treat. 
8) It also works superbly as a primer under makeup effectively (though I haven’t tried it on layers). Some product reviewers claimed that it blends well under makeup and layers over other products.
9) It’s a fantastic all rounder (moisturiser, sunscreen and sheer foundation all in one). 
10) One of the safest sunscreens - free of suspect chemicals like Paraben.

There you go sweet rebels! I really love this product. This is by far the best tinted BB cream with sunscreen I’ve ever used!

My Rating: ★★★★★

Have you tried this product yourself? Hope you find this helpful and informative.