Maintaining nice white teeth has always been a challenge to me. There are lots of teeth whitening products out there but I never really got around to buying any of them myself. Carbon Coco sent me their natural teeth whitening product for me to try out.

The Packaging:
What you get in the actual kit itself is the carbon coco powder obviously, two light blue tooth brushes and a flyer (instructions on the back and some advertising type of stuff to the other side. It comes in a little plastic packet.

Claims it deodorises your mouth, prevents bad breath, removes plaque and prevents harmful bacteria growth. And of course, it's meant to give lovely bright white teeth in due course.

Developed with premium formula and natural and organic ingredients help detoxify your mouth and teeth and leave it feeling clean. They say the whole tub is a 1-2 months supply.

Let’s get things right first, this stuff does make an absolute mess of your sink so be prepared to wash the bowl out every time and be very careful you don’t flick it from your mouth onto your white walls.

When using the powder it does feel gritty in the mouth at first and a little bit strange. Once you scrubbed away at your teeth for a little amount of time, however, it does feel like you’re brushing your teeth as normal. When finished with it, you will need to remove the deposits of charcoal in your gums so will require you to remove these also after using.

Make sure you use a little water to get the right consistency in your mouth.

You’re probably wondering if it works? Well yes, it does work to some extent. If you’re a big coffee drinker or smoker you probably won’t see great results as both stains your teeth very easily and will be very hard to get that white shine again. If you’re not either of those and eat healthily and have already a good set of teeth you will probably notice the product working better for you. Carbon Coco will not work miracles straight away and will require continuous use to bring teeth back to a lovely white shade again.

Here’s what it did for me after 2-3 weeks of using it (watch the full video below).

It does leave your teeth feeling lovely and clean after each use and if you rub your fingers on your teeth you can actually hear the squeak. I’d say you’d best use the product every day for at least a month plus to see best results. It certainly helps but requires consistency for best results.

My Rating: ★★★

If you wish to try this product out yourself you can find more details about it on their website,

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