About Us

"We live, we laugh, we love and we learn - just like everyone else in the world...just Like us...the Mardons," Kendz said. And so, LikeMardons was born.

Jay and Kendz met in Boracay Island, Philippines back in 2009. They kept in touch until they meet again in 2011. And the rest is history. They have been blessed with a cute baby girl named Yunatifa.

They believe there's a whole load of stuff in life that is worth capturing and documenting - even if it's just a typical day or just simply filming their little girl's happy memories so they have something to look back on when they get old. Through Youtube and Blogger they found a place and a little space where they can share their passion, hobbies and interests thus, interacting with people who share the same purpose and goals in life.

Let's follow their journey as a family, and let's continue to LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much and LEARN plenty just like the Mardons!